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I just crawled under the Land Rover Defender —the unibody, independent suspension-equipped successor to a legendary body-on-frame, solid-axle off-road brute. Still, the die-hard Land Rover Defender fans who were hoping for a totally unique off-road workhorse built on a special off-road platform like the legendary Defender of yore might be a bit disappointed.

I was surprised to see that, instead of giant sheets of heavy steel or even aluminum skid plates, the belly pan appeared to be made of a fibrous material, not unlike the aero covers that you might find under sedans, crossovers, and pretty much any type of modern vehicle. Here are a few other angles:.

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One thing I have to give Land Rover lots of credit for is how its engineers were able to tuck much of the drivetrain—especially the two-speed transfer case and front and rear driveshafts—so high up. What you will spot, especially when looking from the rear, is an exhaust pipe:. That differential case, by the way, looks quite similar to the one found in the Range Rover shown below:. By now it should be clear that the two front suspensions look largely the same:.

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Peeking at the suspension from the front of the vehicle, I can get a glimpse of the part numbers on the upper control arm:. Still, though sharing a common suspension design will undoubtedly yield a more refined and better-handling vehicle, it also hurts articulation potential especially with sway bars disconnectedas press images like the one below show:.

When traversing off-road terrain, you want your vehicle to have as many tires on the ground as possible to maximize grip. Many modern SUVs, including Land Rovers, compensate for this with traction control carefully regulating the application of power to wheels that stay on the ground. I will admit that there were very few other mechanical bits that I could spot under the Defender, since so much was covered by fabric aero pans.

Still, in general, two good ways to tell how much platforms have in common is to look at the suspension and its mounting points, including the strut towers. There are a few other off-road-related things that I noticed when I saw the Defender up-close. It is worth mentioning that Land Rover does offer a five millimeter-thick aluminum skidplate that appears to at least protect the center of the bumper:.

The Land Rover Defender 90, when equipped with air suspension and set to maximum ride height offers The four-door model shares those angles, but drops the breakover figure to a still-respectable 28 degrees.

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Ground clearance is Though it is worth mentioning that, just as important as overall ground clearance figures, is where that clearance is.Considered by many to be the greatest off roader, during its seven decade heritage the Land Rover has driven its way to legendary status within automotive history and is famous around the world. Conquering terrain across every continent, its rugged and robust off roading capability is unmatched in all conditions.

Land Rover enthusiasts know that it is more than just a 4x4 vehicle; to own one is to own an icon of British motoring and become part of a unique family. With overitems available to buy online, we stock everything you could need in Land Rover parts, spares and accessories. From small components to big items such as a chassis, tow bars and off road protection products, we guarantee to have everything you could possibly need for the interior, exterior and under the bonnet of your favourite 4x4!

In addition to supplying parts and spares, we also offer a wide range of 4x4 tyres. Essential for traction, matching the right specification and tread pattern to your journey will keep you moving and safe across all surfaces and weather conditions. You can also purchase Land Rover wheels and 4x4 alloys separately. Quite simply, we love Land Rovers! Being owners and enthusiasts ourselves, our team are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the vehicle.

Founded in by John Craddock, following the restoration of his Series 1, his passion and knowledge is unsurpassed in the world of Land Rovers and this has been imparted to the team.

We are part of the camaraderie as much as your fellow club mates during a weekend off roading and trialling, because we are fans too! Whether you are a mechanic or a private owner, we supply to the trade and the public alike.

If you're gearing up to head into the great unknown, it's probably safe to say that preparing yourself and your Land Rover is all part of the adrenaline-fuelled rush you'll feel later on.

land rover bits

For that reason, we're saving you valuable time by bringing you the very best in off-road Land Rover parts and accessories, all in one place. Join ,'s of Land Rover enthusiasts who receive our newsletter and be the first to recieve information on new products, sales and offers! Delivery Information. Terrafirma 4x4 Accessories. Mantec Accessories. Land Rover Accessories. New Products Featured Top Sellers.

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Some Defender vehicles shown may be European models with optional equipment. Vehicle trims and options shown may not be available in the United States. See your local Land Rover Retailer for details. Featuring our toughest materials yet and tested to its very limits.

The Defender has been designed for optimum durability. Capable by nature. The Defender can handle extreme terrains and confidently takes you from the urban jungle to shifting sands and icy environments.

This is design with undoubted integrity. And unrivaled purpose. Equipped for 21 st century adventures, our most intuitive technologies to date ensure convenience, connectivity and visibility. Unique unibody architecture contributes to the Defender being one of the toughest and strongest vehicles we have ever created.

The Defender confidently takes you anywhere. Everything about the Defender exudes quiet confidence, from its purposeful stance to its reductive, sophisticated surfaces.

As familiar as your smartphone, Pivi Pro 21 delivers all the relevant information at a glance. Unlimited possibilities. To make more of your world, choose from the four packs below. Discover your own trail, no matter the terrain.

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Explorer Pack equips the Defender to defy conventions and conquer the most uncharted landscapes. Take your passions to new territories.

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Bring the muddiest of boots. Country Pack equips the Defender to embrace the elements and make every journey truly memorable. Conquer the concrete jungle. Starting at. The Land Rover Defender 2.The broad-shouldered Land Rover Defender is a stalwart in the classic off-road scene. Bold, boxy, and unrepentantly crude, its go-anywhere mettle cemented its reputation as one of the most off-road-capable vehicles on the planet.

Enterand the Land Rover Defender redux promises to deliver us from sport utility vehicle blandness. Put more simply: Does the decades-old nameplate live up to its revered origins? We flew to Namibia, in southern Africa, to explore its remote reaches for answers. First, a bit of background. Defenders killed it in the do-or-die Camel Trophy races and hung with the toughest street-legal four-bys that ever roamed the earth.

Imported into the U. So basically, no pressure with that new one, team. For the diehards, the four-door Defender might look a tad soft. Land Rover smoothed out those sharp, characterful shoulder lines, perhaps in attempts to achieve its target drag coefficient of.

land rover bits

Also unsettling to the grizzled rock crawl set: diamond plate surfaces on the bonnet finished in plastic. One Land Rover rep suggested the material choice was due to pedestrian safety standards, perhaps the only otherwise explicable reason to use polycarbonate instead of metal plate common on OG Defenders.

While the Range Rover uses aluminum subframes, the Defender incorporates forged steel units for greater robustness. All first-year models receive air suspension, while steel springs will be available after the initial rollout. Bundled with the package is the turbocharged 3. For starters, though the cabin hints at hardworn resilience, not all of its details are convincing — witness the exposed bolts that seem more like styling touches than functional bits, and some powder-coated beams that hide structural magnesium, but somehow come across as neither industrial nor refined.

There are options — you can order your Defender with wood veneers, for instance.

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But craving such incongruous trim probably means you think you want something edgy, but what you really want is a Range Rover. As it stands in the remote stretches of Namibia, at nearly six-and-a-half feet tall, there is little that gets in the way of the Defender Because our convoy covered nearly miles — many of them challenging, low-speed rock crawls — over the course of three days, we made up for the agonizingly leisurely parts with some elevated velocities over extended durations of time.

The Defender took virtually everything we could throw at it. Done, though perhaps with less wheel articulation than you might have with a solid axle truck. Pulling through gobs of mud? Accomplished, in spite of one river crossing episode involving a deceptively deep rut that the 8. Driving over the rough stuff imparts less of a feeling of imperviousness than, say a Range Rover, which manages to sashay over jagged ruts and bumps with silky smoothness.

But this is not that kind of party: Defender is all about getting you there by hook or crook, tackling the toughest terrain and coming out on top. That said, the electronics do, in fact, do wonders for the offroading experience. Sand mode, for instance, will get you out of most traction-limited jams by tweaking the differentials, traction control, and power delivery just right so all you need to do is aim the wheel and bury the pedal.

While our test rigs required an occasional computer reflash for warning lights these were, after all, pre-production unitsit seems like true off-roaders developed the Terrain Response system in order to gain the most climb-anything capability given the hardware. Another must-have feature for those who venture away from tarmac is ClearSight Ground View, which effectively depicts an overhead view of the surrounding terrain and the ground below the vehicle on the inch touchscreen.

Though the iterations we drove were not capable of entirely switching off traction control, we were told that might change by the time the Defender reaches showrooms.We've detected you're not using the most up-to-date version of your browser.

By upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer you'll see and be able to use this site in the way we intended and your general internet browsing will be more secure as it will have been upgraded to take into account the latest security standards. To locate your nearest Land Rover retailer, select your country from the drop down list below:. Your dealer will answer all your questions and arrange as many test drives as you need to help you choose your ideal vehicle.

You can find out about the three-year warranty with unlimited mileage, and consider extending the warranty as an investment in the longevity of your Land Rover. Your dealer will be able to supply Land Rover approved accessories to match your lifestyle and needs. Choose from storage, wheels, design extras and more.

You will find our Approved Service Centres meet Land Rover's high standards for quality and service, to ensure your new vehicle and its warranty are protected. Confirm Location Location Do you want to centre a search on this location? YES NO.Rebuilding a Land Rover from the ground up is a project which is not to be taken lightly. There were times when I wished I'd never started! But the end result has been worthwhile.

I also took the opportunity to implement some improvements whilst renovating all the various bits. Trying to get the sections to "flow" has been a challenge; I think the best way to present the information in a useable format is by having three main sections. Having sections like this means some tasks are covered in all three sections. So don't forget you can always use the "Site Search" button on the left menu if you're looking for something specific.

So how did this website come about? I found a model on Ebay and was the successful bidder.

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I then sold myand had room in my garage to commence restoring the Here she is before work started, having survived 10 previous careful owners. Meet Lulu:. From past experience, I was aware of the importance of keeping a photographic record when dismantling and renovating something - despite having a comprehensive parts diagram and workshop manual.

As a result, this site has a considerable number of photos, depicting the dismantling, renovating, and reassembly processes. I started off with an ordinary Sony Cybershot DSC; but half-way through the rebuild it died, so the remaining photographs were taken with my wife's Nikon D - and a very nice camera it is too!

land rover bits

This entire rebuild was done single-handedly, with the exception of the rear body. I enlisted the aid of a friend in carrying the rear tub out of the garage. My wife then assisted in manoeuvring the rear tub for stripping and painting, and then moving the renovated rear tub back into the garage, this time with the aid of an office chair on castors!

Have a look around - you can use the navigation menu on the left or the sitemap below. I hope you enjoy your visit - you may even find some sections useful for your own project!At CWS 4x4 we have a selection of Landrover bits which we are sure will yield that part which you've been searching high and low for.

We make it our purpose to stock and supply Landrover bits, Discovery parts and Defender parts to solve any Land Rover parts problems which you may have. Landrovers have been a staple tradition of the British countryside for many decades. We have traversed hill and dale with this powerful machine at our beck and call for many years and these highly durable vehicles will last for many years to come.

land rover bits

The vast array of Landrover models and marks which have been produced over the years mean the variety of Landrover bits that are needed is huge. The first Landrover was designed and built in so you can imagine the quantity of Landrover bits which have been fabricated for this marque. We try to stock as many models as we can to ensure you get the Landrover bits you need.

We are committed to solving the various problems faced by customers looking for Landrover bits which ensures many of our customers return to us time and time again. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding Landrover bits.

Landrover Bits At CWS 4x4 we have a selection of Landrover bits which we are sure will yield that part which you've been searching high and low for.

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